Jaya YC Delivers A "Positive" Message On His Latest

Life has negative aspects but if I pursue the positive, I can never be brought down. - Jaya YC

Jaya YC returns with yet another single titled "Positive." The upbeat song was produced by Jaya's friend, Yvng Dee. "Positive" was inspired by Jaya's very real-life experience with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome; after having another break out last fall, this experience fueled Jaya to remain on the positive side of things although he was going through a tough time. Jaya chose to persevere past the adversity he was facing at the time and channeled it into creating this song. Jaya YC is diligently working on finishing his next project The Sad Tapes which is being recorded at Green Tea Studios in Los Angeles. Jaya plans to release a new single called "Here Now" which will be released sometime during the summer, it is produced by Crash.

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