Jae Good Recruits Slayton Jacquan On His Latest "Outta Pocket"

Jae Good is a Chicago rapper that is unlike anything else coming out of the Windy City. He has recruited fellow Chicago artist Slayton Jacquan on his latest "Outta Pocket." Teen windy city rapper, Jae Good, has shown no signs of slowing down this quarantine, “Outta Pocket" is a perfect blend of trap drums and lyrical flexing. What makes this song completely different is the eloquent aggression of Jae Good and Slayton Jacquan’s vocals.

Jae Good is a multi-faceted promising star on the rise, but what separates him from his competition is his creative ability off the mic. Yes. Not only does Jae write his own vocals he also produces his tracks, including “Outta Pocket”. From start to finish; from nothing to something, Jae Good is involved in every step of his music creation process. And it is evident. His rugged determination shines throughout his catalog. Watch the music video for "Outta Pocket" below to become a fan!

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