Ike Rhein Returns With A New Banger "Not For Me"

Ike Rhein is back with a new banger titled, "Not for Me." The song is a change of pace from his latest single, "Break It Down," in which he enlisted YN Jay as a feature on the remix. Ike Rhein demonstrates his versatility in "Not for Me" by going back to his singing roots. "Not for Me" was produced by Kontrabandz, and mixed and mastered by multi-platinum, Grammy Nominated Vinny DeLeon.

The song blends different styles of music by contrasting a somber, acoustic sound with a poppy, hip-hop bass. "Not for Me" is meant to connect with listeners' inner emotions.

"Many people in the world are enduring mental and/or emotional pain due to a significant other." Ike Rhein continues, "This song is about the realization that sometimes someone who you believed was the one turns out not to be. One day they love you, the next they're gone."

The song's heartfelt, poignant tone will resonate with any listeners in their feelings. "Not for Me" is but another release that Ike Rhein has in store for fans this year. The 19-year-old songster plans to prove why we all should be for him.

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