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How The Most Important Night In Music Became The Biggest Joke In Music: Grammys 2021

With the recent nominees announced for The 2021 Grammy Awards, the only loss people see coming in the near future is The Academy's credibility. With the absence of TheWeeknd, Pop Smoke, and Lil Baby from most or all major categories, the internet has spewed memes after tweet after post displaying its distaste of this year's names. To most fans of music, The Grammys has turned into a glorified VMA’s. It’s not prestigious anymore and even with this year's nominations, they aren’t impressive, and yet I bet viewers will still be unhappy with the results.

The biggest and most obvious snub is After Hours by TheWeeknd. This album was one of the quickest platinum-selling albums of the year and of one listen, it's very clear why. Combining his signature modern twist of Michael Jackson-esque flare with production that reflects 80s pop packaged perfectly for this generation, singles from After Hours dominated radio and streaming platforms while "Blinding Lights" easily cracked over a billion streams worldwide. Drake, who had a heavy hand in TheWeeknd's early career, wrote a lengthy Instagram post about his disappointment in the industry and that if nominated, he was positive the album would've won in the Best Album category.

Pop smoke is still dominating charts without even being alive to promote his work at all and the only major nomination secured was for Dior, a year and a half old song that’s not from his last two projects, with the deluxe version of Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon boasting some of the highest streaming numbers of 2020 thanks to Grammy nom worthy bangers like "For The Night" feat. Lil Baby and Da Baby along with "The Woo" feat. Roddy Ricch and 50 Cent, while still remaining absent from the Best Rap Album category along with Lil Baby's My Turn. My Turn is actually the highest-selling rap album of the year and the only song nominated from Baby is "The Bigger Picture" which although was an important moment for hip hop, wasn't even on the album.

JuiceWRLD is in the same position with NO nominations as his posthumous release Legends Never Die continues to get praise, racking in over 540,000 first week sales and meeting critical acclaim from critics. In recent years, the awards show has regularly made awkward mentions of deceased artist while not giving them there due nominations or wins such as Lil Peep, XXXTENTACION, and Mac Miller.

Even artists who regularly get the once prestigious invite don't see the importance as time goes by and music evolves. The aforementioned Drake used his "God's Plan" acceptance speech to encourage artist not to chase the very trophy he held in his hand, stating that The Academy does not decide who's great. In 2021, win or lose, no one will respect The Grammys until they start showing respect themselves.

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