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Hood Campaign Drops Motivational Anthem "Get Money"

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Artist Hood Campaign drops a fire new single called "Get Money".The track comes in aggressively describing a fast-paced lifestyle. The 808s bring the bass to the track, adding that extra thump. Hood Campaign is from Milwaukee Wisconsin and he then moved to California in 2019 deciding to take music seriously after the passing of his mother. "After losing my mother I took a two-year break from the music scene in order to get myself together. I previously went by the name 'Yung Hood', now that I’m back on the music scene I go by the name 'Hood Campaign'". He is bossing up and getting to the money, advancing himself quickly after harsh conditions and times in life that have inspired him to channel that pain through music.

Since moving to California Hood has been putting in work and making a name for myself on the California music scene and is going worldwide! "I wrote get money just on some vibing on the way to the money type of music," Hood says. He has more music on the way and will be releasing it sometime in September. Go check out Hood Campaigns' previous work with songs like "My Pain" and My Time". This artist has a lot of talent, be on the lookout for future works.

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