Gen Bello Releases New Spanish Single "Esperame"

Harlem's rising R&B songstress Gen Bello has released a new single "Esperame" & it's her first single ever in Spanish. The song speaks of a mature type of love that withstands time and circumstances. The type of love that's patient and unconditional. The track was produced by Teatimejones from Yonkers. "I wrote this song on my 25th birthday, I think I unconsciously was like I'm evolving into a badder bitch and I hope you're prepared!" expressed Gen.

She was previously known as Genesis and as of May of 2020 she released a single "Intoxicated" under her new moniker Gen Bello. She has naturally garnered over 48k+ monthly listeners on Spotify. It's safe to say this is a beautiful start for the promising star. As Gen continues to work on new music, it is expected that a project will be released early 2021. She is excited to deliver new content and share her most personal stories in her music for all of her supporters to hear.

Click here to stream "Esperame" via Spotify!

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