FRE$HDRIPSMUD Releases New Track "UnderDawg Story"

FRE$HDRIPSMUD looks to make some big noise to finish off the year. He is just off the release of his music video for "Back 2 Back" which dropped in late October. Working with Untitledexport Management, he looks to keep the momentum rolling with his newest single"UnderDawg Story". This track debuted on November 26th and features the trials and tribulations of being an underrated artist. The song title derives from the word that describes him best, an underdog. Being from a small town in Pennsylvania, this has always been his label.

FRE$H also looks to give us insight into why he considers himself an underdog when it comes to the industry. Speaking on real-life events that he has endured, helps to paint the pictures he is trying to portray. This single also takes a look at the authenticity of other artists in the game. Do they really own those fancy cars? Do they really get that much money? FRE$HDRIPSMUD makes sure that his lyrics are directly in tune with the life he lives. By being truthful with his music, he looks to make an impact and influence the whole world with this release.

Click here to stream "UnderDawg Story."

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