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Frankie X Buzzing After Music Video "H.E.R." Released On YouTube

Artist and singer Frankie X has been seeing success with his latest video titled "H.E.R." The emotional appeal of the song sets the tone for the visuals to follow. Frankie is seen having a movie date with the featured model and then heads to the beach, soaking up the summer sun. you can tell from his personality and presence that Frankie X is a natural romantic.

The track was produced by Santiago Purp, highlighting Frankie's vocals. He shared with us the idea behind the song stating, "The song is inspired by a culmination of all my favorite things about the girls who’ve come and gone in my life, all coming together to form my ideal or 'perfect' girl.", The track was originally released in November 2019 and has since gained popularity and has made it on his debut mixtape Heartbreak Summer

Frankie X is staying booked and busy all summer. He has plans to release new music and visuals for his supporters and fans. Frankie is gaining quite the buzz, even locally, stating "I had everybody I knew singing ,that’s my baby that’s my baby on the Facetime'". This artist has real potential and we would love to see more from him in the future.

Keep up with Frankie X on social media and watch "H.E.R." the music video on YouTube.

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