• Yuni Morales

FARI Documents The Aftermath Of A Horrible Car Accident In His Visual For "Let's Not Forget"

Talented rapper FARI has a true story to share, almost in real-time, on his latest visual for "Let's Not Forget." The intro. describes what happened on the rising of June 19th which forever elevated his perspective; he was being given another chance at life and he knew he had to execute immediately. The visual shows FARI checking himself out of the hospital to immediately focus on the present, the opportunity to transmute the events he had just gone through.

FARI is leading by example and showing his growing audience that anything is possible so long as you don't allow life's variables to keep you down, no matter how tough the situation. The Greenville, NC native shows a vulnerability that supersedes the current trending times. FARI is currently working on two projects: Only One, Vol. 2 & EXPECT ME LIKE YOU EXPECT JESUS, the release dates are still to be announced. He is excited to bring forth these full length projects and remain consistent through out the rest of 2021. Stay tuned!

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