Emmitt Dupree Delivers Enticing Single "100's & Thangs"

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Exceptionally talented artist Emmitt Dupree has released a new tantalizing single "100's & Thangs." "100's & Thangs" was produced by German producer Domwithdaheat. It's the first single off of Emmitt's upcoming project, P.I.M.P. He uses the chorus to connect with his audience in a divine manner; affirming abundance together! The chorus chimes "I'm tryna manifest a million, now I got pennies raining on my head." Emmitt's music always has a way to convey depth in a relatable manner. On "100's & Thangs" you'll feel motivated to get yourself those "100's & Thangs." The overall message is a reminder that materialism will make you happy to a certain extent, true abundance lies in your everyday habits and the love you choose to radiate.

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