Emily Ronna Delivers Powerful Debut Single "Someone Else"

Nashville based artist Emily Ronna has released her debut single “Someone Else.” She chose to channel her personal experiences with depression through this song. In the song she describes her depression as an unwanted house guest, a stranger she doesn’t even recognize. “I’m tired everyday slippin’ away from myself…” Emily sings. The track was written by Emily & Anna Kline (another writer based in Nashville) & it was produced by CAIRN (a Montreal based producer) — the beat has an alternative/pop-rock feel to it and you can feel the power in Emily’s deliver beautifully enmeshing together with the beat, delivering a message of healing.

I am impressed that it’s her debut single! Mental health awareness is something that is still unfortunately taboo, even in 2021 and I admire her courageous spirit for wanting to be vulnerable with her growing audience and simply choosing to channel her emotions into a creative way. I personally feel many artists struggle with some sort of mental health issue which is an indescribable battle within.

“Someone Else” is a relatable track that anyone can sing along to. Artists like Emily come around once in a blue moon as a reminder that you are human and it’s okay to have some bad days. After all, the sun doesn’t shine without a little rain here and there! “Someone Else” will be part of her debut EP some time this year, so stay tuned for that announcement!

Click here to stream "Someone Else" by Emily Ronna via Spotify

Check out the lyrics video below so you can sing along.

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