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Tierra Whack is BACK! & Dora Need$ the Dough

This talented North Philly based female artist, Mizz Tierra Whack FINALLY released a new single & visual knowingly having her fans shivering, with… antici…PATION! Whacks new visual to "Dora", is a social commentary on the pressures creeping into the lives of children. As the age to use technology becomes younger, the marketing of lifestyle & standards applies pressure to ages as young as 5.

Whack, using iconic child figures from Sesame Street, Donald Duck, Monopoly, Dora and SO much more along with the narrative of I never have enough, I need more, give me everything is in my opinion a spot-on depiction of the pressures that have been placed on each one of us with us living in an instant world with a million different types of social media accounts.

I believe Whack was making a comment on how social media & marketing in children that shows how pressure is placed early on in people's lives to feel like they HAVE to be wealthy, they HAVE to drip in designer, they HAVE to only hang with the elite, & HAVE to be on top of every wave. More deeply the additional pressure placed on black children where they have to be “hard”.

For example, when Whack says,

"from the streets, you get a beat down"

while at the same time feeling the need to be a high, elite or even classy due to the pressures of society.

“I can’t fuck with you no more, when I go to sleep Gucci sheets now”

Tierra Whack was doing what she does best using her art to share her view on life.

Enjoy this genius piece of art, by Tierra Whack "Dora":

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Love to all!

Collaborated with Karissa Lopez

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