DJ Lethal Skillz & A.Rob Collaborate On The Entrancing Track 'Contemplation'

Producer DJ Lethal Skillz has released a track featuring the Palestinian-American, Hip-Hop artist A.Rob, titled 'Contemplation.' On 'Contemplation,' A.Rob delivers vulnerable and introspective lyrics, into the mind's eye of an independent artist and their transitions along their artistic path. Choosing to create as a career can take you for a spin if you are not focused on remaining present and balanced, I feel A. Rob eloquently expresses a relatable perspective. The life of an artist can be filled with moments of doubt and uncertainty about how to gain the accolades you want and deserve. Along the way, you learn that everything is already in process and there is nothing to worry about.

'Contemplation' is a Hip-Hop head's ultimate dream encompassed in a track. With A. Rob's lyricism and delivery alongside DJ Lethal Skillz production, they present forth an authentic vibe into the growing pains of setting your foundation in the music industry. A. Rob plans on releasing a single a month for the rest of 2021 so stay tuned for more to come for this promising talent. 'Contemplation' was released on a new crypto platform called Emanate which offers crypto to artists, be sure to support and check it out on there.

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