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Demxntia Drops Official Music Video For "Elegy" Featuring Guardin

Vietnamese recording artist from Tampa, Florida, Demxntia releases a visual for his latest single "Elegy" featuring Guardin. The song was about desperately holding on to something or someone that's fading away, struggling with an identity crisis as you grow away from your old self or relationship. This song presents all the feelings on a single table and beautifully inter in the mind of listeners. It feels that this was the song was written for Demxntia's listeners to understand it’s ok to feel let go if you need to.

"Slowly, I've become my own worst enemy" weaves together the deep grief of evaporating our own selves and being left out. As the song progresses, the disappearing soul, along with carried away emotions and trials, connects the points of scattered coordinates. As it said, "Lost feeling in my heart rifting inside" and "Aligning your enzymes." every word seems so relatable that it simply reminds you of your broken heart.

The arrangements and production were done by Demxntia, with great effect. Holding soreness inside you and feeling like you are lying in a graveyard. When you hold sand, but it is still slipping out of your control, The song whose collective of emotions tends to make you want to listen Demxntia and Guardin. You can say in name of an elegy he gave us a wonderful emotional feeling. Enjoy the music video for "Elegy" below.

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