• Yuni Morales

Dallas Rapper Keen Cortex Is Up Next

Dallas rap artist Keen Cortex just released his latest project Auto 3000. The young rapper has been making waves and dropping new music videos almost every month in 2020. Now he is putting his stamp in the industry with his latest project. The 5 track ep features hard hitters Flex, How I Live, & Too Many Hoes. His auto-tuned lyrics and 808 laced beats is addictive and keep you listening. Cortex is nothing short of a studio work horse, contstantly making good music and quality content for his fans. With the support of @reelbump directive the majority of his videos, his visuals are nothing short of amazing. The industry needs more artists like Keen Cortex who will consistently push out good content and not go ghost after one song. Even though Cortex is new the scene, its only a matter of time before he does laps around other artists who have making music for years. At this pace, Cortex is set to be a household name, and on your Spotify playlist. Don't sleep on Keen Cortex, becuase he has next! To keep up with Keen Cortex, you can follow him on Instagram @keencortex.

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