Coming In Hot! with Heatstroke "Joyride" Album

"Heatstroke" created by Sham also known as "Shamoo" and Zane with their album "Joyride" is a complete rollercoaster! Sham from Miami, Fl. 23 years old juggling college, social life and a budding music career. Zane from Miami, Fl. 22 years old going to school for Music and working nonstop for the music, both of these guys are hardworking artists locals to the Miami area. Showing their interpretation of hip hop and house music in the most freeing way. With witty lyrics and an upbeat tempo this kind of music is great to listen to on a day you're feeling down. I asked Heatstroke what their backstory was to the album and they told me, " We were so self critical and self hating that we decided screw that! and we were going to start making what we found fun and what we thought sounded cool and that's how joyride sort of went to happen." They mentioned to me that they developed the group "Heatstroke" as a way to build their own self confidence and self love and man do they sound confident on this album! Hence the name of the album " Joyride" showing their problems they've faced and obstacles to their good times together, this album is a must hear!

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