Celebrating Mac Miller's Life,Today & Always.

Today marks 2 years since Mac Miller unexpectedly passed away. A very loved emcee by his fellow hip hop peers and a super devoted fanbase, showing how not just his talents but his integrity towards his fans and peers always shined through. The first time I listened to Mac I was in high school, his song "Nike's On My Feet" really caught my attention cause he sampled Nas on it and I thought that was so hard! This was during a time when sampling was seen as "too underground" thoughts of that nature - not to mention I was also surprised Mac Miller was so young, his lyricism and way of expression always had a flare of someone with an old soul.

Today we celebrate his life as fans, as fellow humans, and we work to raise his spirit with love and carry on his legacy through his music. Keep streaming his music and running up the views on his music videos. Below I've shared one of my favorite live performances by Mac, his music collaborator and friend Thundercat joins him, I love their chemistry. Much love, stay light.

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