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Canadian Indie-Pop Band Men I Trust Release New Visuals For "Lucky Sue”

The Montreal, Quebec established band, Men I Trust, made their first debut featuring many different artists in 2014. They first began as just two high school friends who came together 12 years later, Dragos Chirac, with his wicked keyboard skills & Jessy Caron as the jazzy bassist/guitarist. The beautiful blonde, Emmanuelle Proulux or also known as Emma, (who IS the main character) officially became a part of the band as the main vocalist the following year in 2015.

Their new 2020 indie-pop single music video "Lucky Sue" is just as dreamy & wavy as the title itself makes you feel. This visual is simple yet extraordinary. It’s just enough. In "Lucky Sue", Emma is the main character (of course) and also the only one, but that is all we need in this visual! It starts off, with ”Lucky Sue” behind a glass window looking somber as the other side of that window is streaming down like a waterfall window as it fades into her in the car with a similar effect with rain drops falling on the windshield. The reflection of water in this video is truly a masterpiece.

This music video is very much touching all points of aesthetically pleasing. Emma as the vocalist, expresses as “Sue” comparing herself to others situations had she lost another lover, she wouldn’t end up like the people she is comparing herself to. “Lucky Sue” would rather spare her emotions than end up with a mistaken fate.

Click here to watch the music video for "Lucky Sue."

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