Billboard Charting Producer Shane Foster Talks about New Single

DFD Music has released a single titled "Blood Ain't Thicker Than Water" featuring Davis Chris, W!LL, & Deborah Berrios. The track centers around a very sore & heavy topic which needs more attention; sexual abuse among children. It's a topic that absolutely needs more vocal advocates like this. “I wanted to tell a story about a girl I knew that was victim of sexual abuse from a family member and lyrically wanted to paint a picture while being descriptive as possible to let others know that you are not alone" expressed Davis Chris.

"Blood Ain't Thicker Than Water" uses the true testimony of a young woman who went through sexual abuse by a family member - an unfortunate truth for many women and men have lived through and sometimes have no choice but to repress. The truth is, how many people do you know who haven't been through something like this? Not many unfortunately. It's a sentiment that requires deep healing and some don't persevere out of because t is so deeply traumatizing. I commend them all in bringing this message to life that is much in need.

The visual walks you through the imagery of what it was possibly like for that young woman to go through such trials. The sense of loss of innocence is perfectly portrayed between the song's lyricism and the visual. The visual for "Blood Ain't Thicker Than Water" has amassed more than 29k views on YouTube since it's release. Wait no more and check out the riveting song & visual below.

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