Benjii Baby Wants You To "Think Twice"

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The New Jersey born, Ohio raised Benjii Baby wants you to "Think Twice" before you think he's too nice! The track was inspired by a time in his life when people were taking advantage of him - he realized his worth and put a stop to it! The track was produced by Synchro and engineered Benjii Baby himself.

"Recently I lost a few friends I went to high school with, so that's where the aggression in my voice comes from" expressed Benjii. He recorded the song the same day as one of his friends that passed away, candle lighting ceremony & shot the video the same day as the other one's candle lighting ceremony. It was all impromptu, none of it was planned. "Think Twice" is a soul song, Benjii reclaiming his power from these people and situations.

Click here to stream "Think Twice" now!

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