B-Rell Releases Inspiring Single "Tunnel Vision"

West Coast based artist B-Rell has released an appropriately titled single “Tunnel Vision.” The San Diego native is locked in and focused on making 2021 the best year possible for him and his budding career in music. “ I chose to drop it beginning of the new year to set a tone for myself. To remind myself to stay locked in and focused which plays in to the title “tunnel vision” which I believe it’s definitely something we all can relate” stated B-Rell about his motivation behind “Tunnel Vision.”

The song speaks about remaining focused on your goals no matter how small or large they are. The track is produced by Kofi Cooks — a producer he loves to work with because he feels his beats inspire him to write the best lyrics possible. He has an up-coming solo project titled Always love with the Hate which should be dropping at the beginning of spring! I really enjoy the track and the message behind it-as an artist, as a human being in general it can be easy to be discouraged unless you're hyper focused and I love that B-Rell brings that into perspective on this track. For now enjoy listening to “Tunnel Vision” to get you going and focused on what’s next! Stay tuned for more to come from this promising rising star!

Click here to listen to "Tunnel Vision" on Spotify.

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