Ava Nirui : From Instagram To High Fashion

Orignally From Sydney, Ava Nirui is now living in New York and is one of the hottest artists at the moment. She began her journey by making her own renditions of high fashion lines and making them her own, by collaging different pieces with eachother and posting selfies of her style onto the instagram platform. With the years she began to catch the eye of popular brands such as Vans and magazines such as Dazed and Confused who she was a freelance journalist and photographer for sine 2015. As well as being the digital editor for Helmut Lang since 2017. Her success came in 2015 when she dressed a barbie doll in designer pieces by Hood By Air, Eckhaus Latta and 69. Also with her idea to mix a Champion hoody with a Gucci piece, she ended up being invited by Marc Jacobs himself to collaborate on a project where she would reinterpret her rendition of the Marc Jacobs logo and commercialize it!

Her philosophy is " Don't take fashion too seriously." with her authentic vintage/high fashion flare brands such as Stray Rats and MoMa v have wanted in on her designer eye. At the age of 27 Ava is not stopping, she has plans of collaborating with much more brands such as Nike. She is a true Icon of what the possibilities are when it comes to what job ioppurtunities can come out of a simple selfie onto your instagram page. So if you are an up and coming designer or fashionista on instagram, your possibilities of who you can work for and with are endless! take advantage I know Ava sure did!

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