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Astro Talk: Transcending Into The 11/11 Portal

***Disclaimer: Take only what resonates***

Today, November 11, 2020, is the most magnetic event of the year - this does happens every year on the date 11/11. If you're into manifestation this post is for you! I know a lot of us see the time 11:11 frequently if not all then time! When we were young we were told to make a wish when you see this time and that it will come true! Wishing is a part of manifestation, baby!

The meaning of the number 1 generally means in that your spirit guides, ancestors, angels, or God (whatever you believe in, respectfully) are giving you the green light to ascend!

This day is one of the most mystical days of the year to turn your manifestations into reality. 11 is considered to hold extraordinary powers. When the number appears twice in our view, the power of this number gasses up our manifestations into fruition! It helps you to seek out the psychic powers that you have within yourself! Remember to be open-minded during this time. Take time to reconnect with your spirit guides, they are always listening!

Make sure to write a list in present-tense about what you want to manifest in 2021! It can be anything big or small, the Universe doesn't judge. Just because you don’t have it right now doesn’t mean you won’t! Don't forget to make a second list about what you are already grateful for! Believe and trust that the Universe has your back just for being thankful!

Also, if you can, light intention candles, they come in a variety of colors with use of different meanings!

HAPPY 11/11/2020!

You can manifest your dreams into reality right before your eyes!

You DESERVE this!

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