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Artist Trustorey Back On The Grind With Latest Project Titled "To The Max"

Jaziah Hoke goes by the name of Trustorey and is a creative artist out of St. Louis. He is looking to share his emotions and real-life stories through his music and situations that many can relate to. Trustorey is committed this year to build a buzz with more visuals and more releases. His recent project is titled "To The Max" and is out on all platforms. The entire project is a vibe, Trustorey delivers nothing less than hot music. The project is a blend of five tracks. From listening to the music, one can see this artist has real potential. Mixing flows and unruly lyrics, he adds nicely to his narrative. Tracks like "No Time" and "A Day in LA" give listeners a mainstream type vibe to jam out to. Overall the project is a great listen. Trustorey is definitely a talented artist we would like to see more from in the future. Check out his new visual for "A Day in LA" on YouTube.

Stream Trustorey's latest project "To The Max" on Spotify

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