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Artist Joyagainstevil Releases Powerful Single "They Won't Take Me Alive"

Artist Joyagainstevil delivers a powerful new track titled "They Won't Take Me Alive". The calm vibe of the track sets the listener in an open state to receive his message. His clear-cut lyrics speak boldly and symbolically. "Cross my heart, hope I don't die" paints a picture of Joy and his beliefs and how he stands on his words and is immovable.

The track ignites the listener in a way that encourages independence. Production-wise, the track stands out for the instrument choice and the mixing of the track brings Joy's vocals to the forefront, putting an emphasis on the message. Joyagainstevil is an expressive genius! We would love to see more from this talented artist, he is planning releases and content through 2021.

Follow Joyagainstevil on IG and stream his new track "They Won't Take Me Alive" on Spotify.

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