ARI Releases The Ultimate Anti-F*ckboy Anthem, "Everyone Is Disappointing"

Updated: May 3, 2021

Toronto-born independent artist ARI is “really f*cking disappointed” with the men in her life. The alt-pop singer-songwriter isn’t mincing any words in this suave new single “Everyone Is Disappointing”, out now.

Marking ARI’s first release of 2021, “Everyone Is Disappointing” is an unapologetic call-out to the disrespectful and unreliable men that she has experienced in her past. The song opens with ARI ’s silken vocals over a tantalizing plucking guitar riff before breaking into an anthemic chorus with moody synths and a horn-laced production. Produced by Troy Samuela, “Everyone Is Disappointing” is dotted with cheeky asides, and turns the heartbreak narrative on its head for an irresistibly catchy self-empowerment track about that would be hard to resist for a full-body dance sesh alone at home or dare we say, a dancefloor.

Speaking on the track, ARI explains: “This song is a total eye-roll at that random “what’s up” text from the guy who ghosted you a month ago. Need I say more? We all know how a f*ckboy acts, but I’m really big on respect; make plans and show up for them or don’t come around at all. So I wanted to flip my hair and flip a lil’ middle finger to all the guys out there who play with any girls’ time. No sir, just tell me if I need to schedule you in, because I’m busy and have a long list of things to get to!”

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