Alexis Nicole Jackson Enlightens Her Growing Audience On Her Latest "Moon Bae"

Just like the moon, there is a phenomenal up and coming artist on the rise. She goes by the name of Alexis Nicole Jackson. The California born and bred artist recently released her newest album titled, Elixir and Smoke Vol. 1. Unique in her delivery and overall songwriting, Alexis is venturing into undiscovered territories with her unique style. With many years of classical jazz training and theater, her mic approach allows her to effortlessly flow from track to track throughout her project. One song that truly stands out from the rest is, "Moon Bae."

Not only does Alexis express her spiritual connection with mother moon throughout the record, she strongly connects with the spiritual community as well. Her booming presence and intricate cadence throughout the track is both mesmerizing and soothing, allowing listeners to meditate, and essentially float towards the sky, while listening to the mystic vibe.

The talented and elegant Alexis is far from finished, as she plans to release a second installment of Elixir and Smoke sometime this year!

Don’t miss out on the magic, and make sure to stream "Moon Bae."

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