Afrodite Shows-Off On Her Latest Single 'OVERLAP'

Updated: May 28, 2021

Talented artist and event curator Afrodite enamors her growing audience with her latest release 'OVERLAP'. The Philly-based artist who is originally from Brooklyn, wrote the song herself and collaborated alongside Philly native Blair Nesmith, who produced the beat. The track was recorded at the famously known recording studio, Green Tea Studios in Los Angeles. Afrodite's lyricism and delivery are nothing short of electric! The song has a very clear message; I am here, I am taking over and there's nothing you can do about it! A motivational anthem anyone can relate to. " The song embodies my competitive, prove-you-wrong attitude and is a playful exertion of my expectations for myself as well" expressed Afrodite in regards to the inspiration behind the single 'OVERLAP.'

'OVERLAP' debuted over the weekend in Philly at one of Afrodite's events, GOOD GODDESS!, which is an all-women's pop-up. I love feminine energy that is unapologetic about who they are and where they are going; Afrodite is exactly that type of artist! She exudes confidence in 'OVERLAP' and her overall catalog of music, which is vital to an artist's growth and I am excited to continue to see her grow and develop her artistry. Afrodite is focused on continuing to build her brand, fan base, and event curation company AFRODUCTIONS (Afrodite Productions), along her artistic journey this year she plans to release her second project some time in October titled Goddess In The Garden.

I encourage you to follow Afrodite on Instagram and follow her artistic journey. Stay tuned for more events in Philly by AFRODUCTIONS and in NYC coming soon!

Stream 'OVERLAP' now available on all streaming platforms!

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