Digg$ Releases Highly Anticipated EP "HeartPain$, Vol. 1 (The Story Of $)

PA Rapper Digg$ has a deep-monotone voice and a unique flow which is sure to put you in a trance. His latest release HeartPain$, Vol. 1 (The Story Of $) is a testament to his determination to be on top by 2022. HeartPain$, Vol. 1 (The Story Of $) is a four track EP filled with nothng but catchy hits! On the first track "Heartpain$" you'll recognize a familiar sample from the great, Alicia Keys. He confidently conveys his perspective on this EP leading the way for more of his upcoming releases. On HeartPain$, Vol. 1 (The Story Of $) you can hear the diversity in his flows.

Digg$ has two collaboration projects dropping with super producer & artist Dvnte Leaf, and Brooklyn artist Bakez. He also has three more solo EP’s HeartPain$ Vol .2 (I”m A Rapper Now) which was released on March 26th, HeartPain$ Vol. 3 (Nomore Pain) which the release date is still in the works, and lastly, Light$kin Joedeci. Digg$ will also follow up these EP’s with the anticipated follow up to his debut album Reason$ 2 Doubt, titled More Reason$ 2 Doubt. Big things upcoming for the self proclaimed paperchaser and father of the "lazy flow".

Stay tuned for more to come from this promising artist who is showing much potential! Stream HeartPain$, Vol. 1 (The Story Of $) on all streaming platforms.

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