• Yuni Morales

88thkey & Súle's Album "Astral Project" is An Existentialists Dream

Last year was a testy time for humanity so its no surprise audiences are craving more conscious lyricism, fluid flows and boom-bap beats. After a year of carefully crafting concepts, technical setbacks, changes in perspective(s) and introspection they have released their first collaborative album Astral Project. It is an existentialists dream if I’m being honest. The 12 song album opens with a flurry of intricate verses about rebirth and hopes for a brighter future. On the transformative love song “Cleopatra,” Súle talks about a deep reconnection with a romantic partner through smooth and rhythmic flows.

There are remembrances to old stomping grounds and link ups with brothers to plot revolutions through music, heavy and light emotions and references to past struggles. Yet, every song, light or dark is backed by good energy. On Astral Project You will find production by beatmakers like Young Swisher Beats, Urban Nerd, MKSB, Kenneth English, K9ne and B Young & more. “We thought a lot about existential things, like the purpose of life and love and what those concepts mean to the both of us, when we were cutting this album,” expressed Súle.

I feel we are in times when people want more depth and innerstanding in their lives, no longer living in fear of themselves but simply pushing to have a grander analysis of life over all — music like this is parallel to the times we are in ultimately to help shift the consciousness to a more uplifting, authentic space.

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