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Illyin Pipes is 'Waking Up'

Toronto indie band Illyin Pipes just released their latest video Waking Up. Waking up is the pre-lude to their upcoming Spaces EP that is set to release later this Summer. The style & imaginative dancing fuels the video, that puts you in a trance of creative inception. Illyin Pipes also features the song on SoundCloud for your listening. The director of the video catches the true essence of eclectic cinematography & visual perception. “I was struggling with a few things while trying to maintain an illusion of positivity and balance. The dichotomy of stability and disorder is present in ‘Waking Up’ as well as the remainder of the EP’s songs, even if that wasn't intentional when we wrote them.” - Jill (vocalist of Illyin Pipes). We can't want hear the new EP, as we will be reviewing that as soon it releases For everything Illyin Pipes you can visit their website at www.illyinpipes.com.

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