• The Moon Walker

Mallee spent 48hrs in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, the city where everything goes, the city that doesn't sleep, the city where fantasies become reality. This city is the premise that Mallee uses for his next EP 48hrs in LV. This time last year, Mallee released his highly anticipated album Reality, which received great views & engagement from fans worldwide. Now, whith the summer coming to end, Mallee is putting the final touches on his new EP, in which we hope he releases sooner than later. With all the anticipation built up for this release, Mallee allowed us to take a sneak listen to some of the tracks to the 6 track EP. Mallee's tracks recount his latest trip to Las Vegas, & what he experienced in that time frame. With just the couple of tracks we were able to listen to, it wasn't hard to tell Mallee's lyrics had matured along with the production, since we last listened to Reality. His slow & strict rhymes are disciplined to tell a story that we could all relate to & understand. Mallee has not dissappointed us so far, & we are sure this next EP will be his best work to date. So be on the look out for his new EP 48hrs in LV to be released soon! For everthing Mallee, you can follow him on IG here: @vandalbred.

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