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Good Kid band releases new song 'Witches'

We know summer is here when a song like this is created. Toronto based indie-rock band Good Kid releases a new song Witches to get you through the summer with positive vibes! If you like listening to songs while spending a nice day outside with friends, this is just the song for you. Actually, the song lyrics are based on an experience a band member had while going a on a hike in the UK. "Witches as a track is about the hikes Nick (he's in the band!) and his friend Tom have taken through the UK. The title is inspired by a small forest close to Treffgarn, Wales that is nightly visited by a tremendous flock of birds. The only logical explanation for this occurrence is of course - witches." So make your day great, & have a listen to this track, for everything Good Kid visit www.goodkidofficial.com

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