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Chief Peace has the 'Juice'!

When one thinks of the Oklahoma City music scene, hip-hop does not come to mind, but one Oklahoma City rap artist is changing that one song at a time. With his raspy & melodic flow, Chief Peace has been gracing us with quality rap music from some time now. The alternative hip-hop/rap Oklahoma City native just released his new song Juice which has many listeners engaged in his movement. Juice somes on the heels of the success of his song Hippy Kid which flooded local airwaves and has close to 40,000 plays on Soundcloud. Hippy Kid is on Peace's latest LP Blue Peace which was released in late 2016. Blue Peace features a collection of 16 tracks of quality lyrics & production, a must listen on your Spotify playlists. It is evident that Chief Peace is dedicated in releasing quality music, showing his ability to be creative & brilliant in his craft. So if you are ever in Oklahoma City & see a eclectic, artsy, & genius white boy with long dreads, more than likely thats Chief Peace. We can't wait to hear what is has in store for us in the later part of 2017, in the meantime you can follow him @chiefpeace!

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