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Is Don Trip the new king of Memphis?

Early Memphis rap has been embedded in our brains with great music from earlier artists like Al Capone, 8 Ball & MJG, & Three 6 Mafia. But there is a new wave of Memphis rap that is appealing to the younger generation which has everybody listening. In recent years, social media has moved music from Memphis artists like Young Dolph & Yo Gotti to our playlists quicker than a beat drop at the club. But there has been a Memphis rapper that people have been sleeping for years, but the sleeping giant is about to wake up. Don Trip is the new breed of Memphis rap artists that we have all been waiting for. Don Trip has been putting out countless projects for years on a consistent basis & people are starting to take notice! With more that 5 projects under is belt in the last few years, its safe to say that the studio is Trip's haven.

Trip first got on our radar with the release of his solo project The Heads That Wears The Crown, which featured our favorites like Something Borrowed, Yeah, & No Trophies. He also has his classic project Godspeed which has bangers such as Get Away & Day After Tomorrow. 2 Clip Trip, which was released in later part of 2016 is one of favorite projects which really set hip apart from his counterparts in the Memphis underground. But being a master of creativity Trip was able to be unselfish & team up with Starlito to bring us the genius Step Brothers series. The duo has released 3 projects, which the latest Step Brothers 3 released just a few days ago. The Step Brothers duo provides great storytelling & comedic relief in the music they produce. Their music is a testament what happens when two great artists come together to make great music.

Don Trip is no longer an underground Memphis artist, he has emerged as a contender to be crowned the new king! Trip is now becoming a household name, fans from around the world are listening to Trip & becoming a avid fan & supporter of his movement. Don Trip is currently on tour with Starlito, coming to a club in a city near you. If you are not busy, or even if you are, you should check out of their shows! There recent performances at SXSW in Austin, were nothing short of a masterpiece! Don Trip's persona as the prince soon to be king of Memphis is displayed in his music. His aggressive but humble grind will ensure that his music will be talked about for years to come. You can follow Trip here @mrddontrip

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