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17 artists to watch in 2017: Soft Hair

After watching the aberrant Lying Has To Stop video, I knew this band was different & something worth writing about. When two great artists like Connan Mockasin & Sam Dust collaborate to make music, the music is nothing short of miraculous. Eccentric, funky, & creative is the best words to describe their band Soft Hair. After releasing their self-titled album earlier this year the duo of Mockasin & Dust have many people listening. The album featured 8 productive songs that garnered fans to keep listening to their music. Their lead single Lying Has To Stop generated over 230,000 plays on SoundCloud & over 785,000 views on YouTube. Numbers don't lie, with the success of their first album, we can only hope a new project is in the works in the near future. Now in 2017, we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will reward us with some new music. We can assure you, anything that they create will be worth listening to, so don't sleep on them! For more information on Soft Hair you can check out their profile on bandcamp.

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