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17 artist to watch in 2017: Bibi Bourelly

Bibi Bourelly is bad ass. The 22 year old German songstress is already signed to Def Jam and is the songwriter behind Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money, Yeah, I Said It, and Higher. Once you listen to Bibi’s tracklist, it’s impossible to not hear her influence on those tracks, and “Anti” as a whole. Among her 2016 solo projects are Free The Real Pt.1 and Free The Real Pt. 2, with titles very true to her essence. Bibi Bourelly makes authentic, real music that walks the line of soul, rock, hip-hop and pop. In addition to Queen Rih, Bibi has worked with notable names like Usher, Selena Gomez and Lil Wayne. Expect her to start making a statement on her own in 2017. @bibibourelly

Our favorites: Perfect (featuring Earl St. Clair), What If, Poet

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