• Jennifer Universe

17 artists to watch in 2017: October London

October London makes me want to fall in love. Silky vocals and vintage melodies combined with meaningful songwriting – it all resonates. Signed with Snoop Dogg & Jazzy Pha, the singer/songwriter/producer hails from South Bend, Indiana, but is sure to become a name across the globe very soon. It’s safe to think of him as a modern day Sam Cooke with a pinch of Musiq Soulchild. London hits every note and makes you feel it in your toes. His deal with Snoop & Jazzy is certain to pay dividends, paving the way for him to connect with the OGs of the soul scene. We can’t wait.

Our favorites: Slow Dance, Love In The Summer, Bring Me Up (Feat. Faith Evan) @octobertheking

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