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Loren North is all what we have hoped for.

Loren North is all what we hoped for, a creative musical template to what up & coming artists should aspire to be. So we took a little time to review North & let you know what she has been up to. After releasing her debut EP Starlight, the Los Angeles based indie pop artist keeps gracing us with new music. Just recently she released a cover to Niall Horan's This Town. By adding her bright & creative touch, North transformed the song to an authentic display of artwork. Her vintage & raspy vocals bring out the purity within the song's lyrics & production. Starlight is a creative work that has gained popularity over the last few months, which has received great reviews from other major music blogs across the nation. Her lead single, Feel It Out, has already received close to 30,000 organic plays on SoundCloud in just the last few months. To round out the EP, North released 4 more songs called Starlight, Backward/Forward, Where I Am, & You Are. For close to 20 minutes, you will be captivated by North's voice on the songs, sending your mind into a music oblivion & trance. We call this feel good music, music you can meditate to, make love to, music that just makes you down right feel good. Nothing is depressing or dark about North's music, her music his smart, imaganitive, & intimate. We have a feeling Loren North will be gracing us again with a new project soon. In the meantime, if you want to be put in a good mood, take the time to listen to North's new project. You can find out more about Loren North by visiting her website www.lorennorth.com or following her on social media @lorennorth.

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