• Jennifer Universe

Kaytranada: A display of dance & detail.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but we knew we were going to have fun. Kaytranda has been blessing us with melodic remixes of our favorite “underground” and old school hits for nearly half a decade. His most recent release “99.9%” earned (well deserved) praise from notable members of the music scene and positioned him as a favorite for festivals. His 2016 included tour spots across the globe, culminating in California for a New Year’s Eve celebration in San Francisco alongside Anderson .Paak. We caught him a few nights before at The Observatory in North Park. What struck me most was Kaytra’s composure on stage. He was more stoic and poised than I anticipated, however, we still got glimpses of his fun and Leo character throughout the night. He reads his audience well. You can see his mind turning as he works through his library of hip-hop & R&B mixes. His attention to detail is lauded in an era where fast and furious is the trend. Adding to his attention to detail are carefully groomed visuals. Many produced by Ricardo Cavolo, his backdrop flaunted colorful and trippy illustrations paired to the rhythms he was spinning. The crowd, like most Southern California crowds, took its time getting groovy, but was eventually overcome by the energy. What we liked the best? Kaytra played all our favorites: “Cranes In The Sky,” “You’re The One,” “Be Your Girl,” and “If.” He had clips rolling from TLC’s video “Creep,” and played his remix of the trio’s hit as well. If Kaytra’s in your city - grab your friends and go, or go alone. You’ll have fun either way. We promise. www.keytrandada.com

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