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Luwten: 'Go Honey'

We can't stop listening to the new song by Netherlands band Luwten.

My mother always told me you will find what you are looking for, when you stop looking for it. Well, that is what happened when I stumbled across the new song Go Honey by Luwten. This new & fresh band from Amsterdam brings us their debut single off their new album that is slated to be released in the Spring of 2017. The melodic vocals accompanied with the dark Asian themed production, makes one actually feel the music. The intimate song is nothing less than therapeutic. Really, imagine yourself on a rainy day, sitting on your porch, listening to his song, will bring you to a state of relaxing meditation. Creative but addicting, it took me few listens to really capture the essence of the song, it's powerful. This is just an appetizer of what is to come from Luwten, we are anxious to hear more from this group. You can follow them on IG @luwten.

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