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Gallant teams with Big Wild for one of a kind remix!

Grammy nominated r&b singer Gallant releases one of kind remix with DJ Big Wild. After the release of his Grammy nominated album Ology, Gallant is now becoming a household name. Just a year ago, Gallant's soulful & addictive voice was unheard of. Gallant's rise to success in the last year is predicated by the dedication & engagement he has to his fans. Because of that, now Gallant is touring & enjoying the success of his most successful album to date. Recently, Gallant teamed up with DJ Big Wild to remix one of his beloved tracks, Talking To Myself. The voice we all love on this remix is enhanced with the electronic & rhythmic mixing Wild provides. As the song plays, its a roller coaster ride, starting slow, but slowing growing to a full climax of production in the middle, then coming back to life towards the end. Gallant's voice follows the flow production hitting high notes at the height of production. The best way I could describe his voice was a mixture between D'Angelo & the late Prince. It seems like everything Gallant touches turns in to a classic & we are sure this remix will go down as one. The authentic & raw vocals that Gallant displays in all in music is just a testament on how passionate he is about making his music. So please take the time & listen to the track below! For everything Gallant your can follow him @sogallant.

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