• Jennifer Universe

Lorine Chia & Blended Babies collab for a year end EP!

Lorine Chia first hit our radar about a year ago with her track, Only One. It’s groovy; It’s got a catchy, bass-forward beat, and her voice is enchanting. Since then, Chia’s been slowly releasing tracks and features, leaving us wanting more and adoring her growth as an artist. Her most recent project is collaboration with Blended Babies, the duo out of Chicago (now in LA). Best known for their work with The Cool Kids, Kids These Days & Kid Cudi, Blended Babies has a unique sound that is both futuristic and soulful, and a perfect fit for Lorine.

The four song EP is fresh and original. It does a phenomenal job showcasing the strengths of both Lorine and BB. Beats rooted in live instruments pair skillfully with Lorine’s raw, at times raspy, vocals. Listeners experience an array of musical genres and influences throughout the 15 minute project. From a slow, southern and mellow melody on How We Ride to a warm and bluesy measure on Time, the eclectic EP also boasts more upbeat, pop and structured rhythms, all while cradling thoughtful songwriting. We’re crossing our fingers for more collaborations between Blended Babies & Lorine Chia in 2017. You can follow Lorine Chia & Blended Babies on IG here: @lorinechia & @jpblended, @richgains.

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