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Childish Gambino’s 'Awaken, My Love!' is Unexpected & Full of Flavor

Donald Glover is having a moment and we are so here for it. "Awaken, My Love! " is doused in individuality, roots and risk taking. Glover showcases his ability to be all things. From Community to Atlanta, Camp to Kauai, we’ve watched and listened to Donald grow. We’ve bared witness to his experiments, to his journey of self expression. I’m already confident that “Awaken, My Love!” will be an album I revisit to remind me of this time and this place that I’m currently in. And I’m looking forward to that.

The first single, Me And Your Mama, sets the tone for what’s to come. The five minute lead track incorporates the range, genres and elements listeners will feast on down the tracklist. The soft keys twinkle, followed by a smooth and sturdy bass-forward melody. High hats make way for a guitar riff that is both forceful and unexpected just after the two minute mark. Similar to tracks on the album like Boogieman and Zombies – funky and fresh, and at first listen, completely unexpected. Redbone the second single, is arguably the best track off the album, and likely to be the best received by most listeners, especially those unfamiliar with Glover’s resume. If you didn’t catch is mesmerizing and sexy (yes, sexy) performance on the Jimmy Fallon Show of Redbone, go do that now.

Sincere messages delivered over deep, groovy rhythms on Stand Tall and Baby Boy stand out as other notable tracks. At the core of the album is a reminder to create in the way that we want to create. Take risks on projects and passions that resonate most with you, your vision and your soul. While Atlanta may have been Donald’s cake, "Awaken, My Love!" was the icing.

It’s evocative. It’s intricate. It’s everything I needed but didn’t know I was going to get. @childishgambino

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