• Jennifer Universe

KYLE x Lil' Yachty team up for a catchy banger 'iSpy'

A smooth and uplifting beat, iSpy is summer in December. KYLE and Lil' Yachty come together and deliver on their first collaboration. The best part? The duo refers to iSpy as a track that “ain’t on the album...just a throw ‘way.”

A couple digs and a couple boasts, the overall vibe is fun and fresh, making for carefree listening. It is a reminder to disregard haters and focus on the positives. KYLE has a delightful tendency to make his lyrics relatable, and when fashioned over catchy beats, it’s easy to listen to the Ventura-born rapper on repeat. Lil' Yachty’s swift rise in the rap game is a testament to his lively disposition, quotable lyrics and unique sound. His presence on the cut definitely helped elevate the new release – since dropping in the beginning of this month, the song has almost 3.5 million plays on SoundCloud alone. It’s safe to say, we hope the duo has more “throw aways,” and anxiously await the track(s) that do make the album. @superduperkyle

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