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We listened to Foxtrax's The Cabin EP, and it's great!

The indie rock scene across the nation has slowly made a come back in the last few years, after a hiatus of sub par music. Indie Rock band, Foxtrax, changed that with their release of The Cabin EP a few months ago. The 3 man Long Island band has been together for a few years making progress, introducing the world to their music. After listening to the first song, it kind of gave me an 80's feel to it, I immediately had visions of the movie Breakfast Club in my head. The 5 track EP, feature displays of love, heart break, & happiness. Go It Alone, the first track on the EP, is an upbeat track with loud vocals & superior electric guitar riffs. The lyrics to the song give you the sense of encouragement, self-confidence, & success. In Underwater, which is their most popular track on SoundCloud with over 12,000 plays, is more of a darker song, speaking of a depressive stage. The strong chorus to this song immediately explains the mood. With great drums beats introducing this song, Dark Of The Night, seems to talk of a break up & how to deal with it. The essence of the track displays of getting over that heart break & moving on. On The Run had strong vocals & great roller coaster production to accompany the chorus on every lead, which was a track of inspiration, promise, & confidence. The last track, I'll Be Back For You, speaks of closure & love, for the love one is searching for. But forgiveness is the essence of this song, even after heart break, love will always prevail. This is a easy listening EP from & up & coming band, so take a listen below, & become a fan!

Foxtrax will be performing in Austin in March of 2017 at SXSW, so don't miss their show! For everything Foxtrax, you can visit their website at www.foxtraxband.com.

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