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Maggie Gabbard has 'Control'

Los Angeles singer-songwriter, Maggie Gabbard, releases new single Control.

A hypnotic hook paired with sexy songwriting make Maggie Gabbard’s latest release, Control, her best single yet. Maggie delivers raspy and authentic vocals over a soulful, rhythmic melody. The rawness of her pitch and lyrics resonate; it’s femininity at its best. As the songstress continues to rise in the LA scene, she shows off her versatility by singing over a handful of genres, however, at the heart of all her work is a soulful message bound in sensuality or optimism. Released on November 30, Gabbard’s dizzying new R&B jam makes its mark with commanding lyrics and an amorous beat. For everything Maggie, you can follow on Instagram @maggiegabbard.

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