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GT Garza: #TheiLLest

Once the late DJ Screw & Michael Watts introduced the world to the Houston rap scene in the late 90's, Houston would never be the same. From late artists like Big Hawk, Fat Pat, & Big Moe to current artists Lil' Keke, Lil' Flip, & Z-Ro, the Houston sound has evolved over the years. You still have artists like Slim Thug, Paul Wall, & Devin the Dude still making albums, selling out shows, & making a consistent buzz in the industry. But in the background behind all the fame, underground Houston artist GT Garza has been there, making consistent music. GT Garza is another Houston rap artist, that has not received the shine that he deserves. Garza has been making consistent music for over a decade & has built up a following who will support his every move. Garza has built us a decent social media following on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram, by engaging with his fans & consistently posting new content on a daily basis. To support his music, Garza's production team creates stunning visuals & photos to support compliment his music which in return has elevated his brand. The La Maquina is the empire, brand, & haven that he has built to help drive his machine to keep his music relevant.

2014 was a great year for Garza, this was the year he dropped studio albums The Legacy of Ritchie Valens, & Young Mexico. These two albums received a great response from the online music community, as well as his loyal listeners. In 2015, Garza followed up with the album La Maquina which featured Houston rap veterans Slim Thug, Paul Wall, & BeatKing. The album also was a Soundcloud hit, witch each song receiving for 15,000 plays. Garza followed up with MM3, which dropped in the Spring of 2016. This album has been his most successful project to date. Year after year, Garza drops consistent projects that seems to be better than the last. So will his next project #TheiLLest be any different? Only time will tell, but based on his track record, this album will be his most successful project to date. Garza has not publicly mentioned a release date for the project, but we call hope it will be soon! To keep up with Garza & his music you can visit his website www.lamaquinaempire.com

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