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Get To Know CJ Tate

CJ Tate is a popular singer/songwriter born & raised in Memphis. Tate discovered his passion for music and singing at just the age of 3. His instrumentation evolved into a passion for production and songwriting. Tate loves Memphis, and is proud to be connected to a city with deep musical roots. This sense of community translates to the connection his music creates with his fans. In 2011, Tate released his first single Send Her On to Me which generated over 150,000 YouTube views and over 50,000 downloads across major digital outlets. The single also received airtime on popular radio stations in the US and UK markets.

2012 was the year Tate moved to Los Angeles to expand his career in the music industry. Living in LA presented CJ with many opportunities that helped fuel his popularity in the social media landscape. In 2015, Tate released his hit single Body ID, which received over 680,000 plays on Soundcloud and great feedback from his fans & online community. Now in 2016, Tate is gearing up for the release of his most popular single to date called Get To Know Me. The single, produced by, Paperboy Fabe will be available on all social media & digital outlets. Between recording, songwriting, & acting, CJ Tate is making all the right moves in the entertainment industry. He is currently recording for his debut EP that is slated to be released in Spring 2017. You can follow CJ Tate on Instagram here @cj_tate

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