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SaonMedia x EikonicMedia Merger

Saon Media, Inc. collaborates with EikonicMedia for various marketing services for artists.

Saon Media, Inc. has partnered with EikonicMedia to offer even more top tier services. These services include photography, audio & visual production, & as well as branding services. This will make SaonMedia a one in all company to help artists develop & publish their content.

“This merger will level the playing field with our competitors such as the major labels. ‘ says, CEO of Saon Media, Inc.

Our marketing services currently include designing engageable media content on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. Our promotional campaigns are tailored for each artist to attract fans, blogs, & PR companies to engage with their content. We also currently offer distribution to major outlets but not limited to AppleMusic, GooglePlay, Spotify, Tidal, & Vevo. SaonMedia is a brand to help artists market, promote, & distribute their content across the digital landscape with professional & efficient campaigns.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact SaonMedia at 405.701.9729 or email at info@saonmedia.us. You can follow these companies on Instagram here: @SaonMedia x @EikonicMedia

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